8 Home Safety Actions You Need To Take When Moving Into A New Residence

Stress can be a big part of moving into a new house. A new mortgage, new utility companies, and a brand new area to get used to can make moving quite dreadful. Regrettably, things can get even more stressful. There is one thing that typically makes everything much worse. This one thing is getting burglarized before, or shortly after moving in.

In this article I’ll go over eight key steps you should make as soon as you buy a new home. Follow these tips and you’ll dramatically reduce the odds of being burglarized in your new home.

Step #1

Get the locks changed. The old owner might have looked honest, but looks can be deceiving Also, you really don’t know who the old owner gave keys to. The previous owner may have given his keys to somebody that steals for a living. In addition to this, you’ll cut down on the chances that the old owner inadvertently comes home for a visit. I’ve read many stories where previous owners had too much to drink and accidentally ended up in their old homes. Don’t let this happen to you – lock them out.

Step #2

Install a brand new burglar alarm in your new house. You can find one by looking through expert home alarm blog. It is true that you can change the key codes, but it is better to simply get a new alarm. You’ll find many unbiased reviews of home alarm systems, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Step #3

Make sure you move into the new house as soon as possible. The longer the house sits unoccupied, the more opportunities there are for something bad to happen. Wait too long and you may end up having to deal with squatters or other issues that could have been avoided.

Step #4

Make sure you get to know your new neighbors right away. Your new neighbors may help deter or thwart a potential home invasion. You’ll also make a few new friends as well.

Step #5

Move the old security cameras around. An old occupant or a friend of the old occupant may have aimed the cameras in such a way that their are holes in the monitoring capabilities of the surveillance cameras. They may have left themselves an opening to come back and rob you without ever being caught on tape. Moving the cameras around a bit will help eliminate this.

Step #6

Cut down any long growth that may have occurred between the move-out and move-in dates of you and the former occupants. Large bushes and trees can restrict visibility and can provide hiding spots for thieves.

Step #7

Make sure to write down your new emergency numbers. If you’ve moved to a new town, you’ll have different phone numbers for the police and other emergency services. Find out what these numbers are and write them down.

Step #8

Get to know the neighborhood. Find out who lives on your street and you’ll be able to help your neighbors keep an eye on their properties as well.

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