How To Choose The Best Roses in 2022

Probably, the ways to pick the best roses are almost as numerous as there are rose fanciers out there in garden world.

The following tips on how to choose the best roses then is my opinion and possibly it matches some, if not all, the tips you could obtain from other rose lovers.

If I go to a nursery (or look through a rose catalogue), it’s almost fatal for my wallet – as I never can leave with just one!

I always see something new – or remembered that I wanted to try out – and it becomes added to the list of what I went there for in the first place – even if it was only one!

To be practical, and I am not, but you can be …… these ideas may help you discern what type of roses you would like best.

How To Decide What Roses To Buy

  1. Decide if you want fragrant roses (and why wouldn’t you?)
  2. Is it color you are after?
  3. Where will you place the rose – is it for a trellis, a wall, an arch?
  4. Therefore is it a climber, a standard (tree) rose or a bush?
  5. Do you want repeat flowering roses – many climbers for example only bloom once in a season
  6. Will there location be a place where you can easily access the plant for pruning
  7. Is it to be placed where people won’t get pricked by thorns (especially little kids)
  8. Are you replacing a dead rose? If so you will need to replace the soil as well.

Climate and Roses

Don’t forget climate conditions either – if you live in a fairly humid region, you might be better off choosing roses that are more fungal disease resistant – as the moisture from humidity is a breeding ground for blackspot, mildew and other fungi.

The same idea applies for both dry and snowbound regions – choose roses that are proven to be successful there – and your local nursery will be able to tell you this.

Many cultivars nowadays are being bred for disease resistance so a wider variety for different regions is becoming more common. However, some of the older varieties may not prove to be as disease resistant as the newer ones. But, if you still want them, then be prepared to put in some extra work and you can still be successful.

The Secret of Pruning Climbing Roses

With climbers, they need to treated differently when it comes to pruning

Climbers will often just produce blooms at the top if you don’t prune it correctly or bend the canes.

The blooms appear on the smaller side shoots that come from the main canes which need to be trained laterally or across an arch for example.

Only prune these side shoots. Keep the main canes as supple as possible and as long as possible.

Just prune out the dead branches and weak side shoots and branches that cross over and look unsightly or out of balance.

Try Blending Your Climbing Roses For A Great Effect

This is a neat idea if you have an arch for example – plant a red on one side and a yellow on the other and train the can to interweave as they develop and cover the arch.

1. Make sure the flowering habits are similar – so that they bloom together

2. Choose any color combination that you prefer. Red/white; red/mauve, red/yellow etc

I recommend that you choose highly fragrant ones as there is nothing more delightful than walking under an arch or along a pergola that is covered in perfumed roses

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