9 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a New House

Nowadays, buying a house whether for personal use or investment is getting easier. Moreover, now we can also buy a house through an intermediary developer who is ready to take care of all the needs of the house until it is ready for habitation.

For those of you who are buying a house for the first time, the presence of a developer makes it easier for those of us who are still busy with various activities. We can also consult so that the developer can recommend a house according to our wishes.

Even so, don’t relax, let alone leave all your house needs to the developer. We also need to pay attention to some of these things so that the house purchased is what we dreamed of and minimizes risks in the future. What are those things?

1. Buying a House According to Family Needs

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a New House
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Before looking for a house, make a list of things you and your family need in the house.

For example, how many rooms do you and your family need? Or do you need to have a large car garage? Discuss all the things that are needed in the house with the family.

So that all the needs of the family can be met.

2. Prices According to Income

Before buying a house, you should survey several places with equivalent prices.

From there you can compare which house best fits your financial situation. In addition to being suitable for the price, you also have to consider a payment scheme if you want to buy it with an installment system.

3. Location and Facilities Around the House

Do not be easily tempted by the choice of houses offered just because the design is following our dreams.

Also, pay attention to the location of the house and the various supporting facilities available around the house because the house will be a place to live for us and our families until old age.

Ask whether the neighborhood is prone to flooding and traffic jams, as well as how far the house is to public facilities such as public transportation centers, schools, hospitals, and markets.

Do not forget to also pay attention to the distance from the office to the house.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions About the House

Besides, knowing the home environment, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the process of building a house to the building materials used.

Although it sounds trivial, this method will keep us from problems, for example, house materials that are easily damaged even though they have only been inhabited for a while.

You also have to pay attention to the air circulation in the house, whether or not the water channels and waste disposal are smooth, to the amount of electricity in the house to be purchased.

5. Always Rely on the Initial Agreement

Although all the needs related to housing and licensing procedures are taken care of by the developer, you should always actively follow the progress of managing the house to be purchased.

Understand all the procedures for buying a house and don’t hesitate to ask if there are procedures that you feel are inappropriate or out of the agreement.

That way, you can avoid problems that cause disputes or other losses after officially buying your dream home.

6. Find Lots of References

Before deciding to buy a house, try to do research and look for house references with various types and prices.

In addition to making it easier for you to get the house according to your dreams, it can also be a way to find the best price by comparing the facilities offered.

7. Building Specifications

Usually, developers will include detailed building specifications in the housing brochures that they distribute to potential buyers.

However, you should still check the condition of the house directly.

Pay attention to the specifications of the building offered, for example, the type of roof truss material or wall material used.

Make sure the developer uses quality building materials to ensure the building structure is sturdy and durable.

Don’t forget to check the water and electricity lines in the house.

8. The Reputation of The Developer

If you want to buy a real estate house, you should first find out about the reputation of the developer of the house you are interested in. Make sure the developer has a good reputation, is experienced, and has a good sales track record.

As for new developers, you should avoid buying houses in the form of house drawings or pre-project selling.

At least the physical building is 50% finished or ready for occupancy to avoid fraud.

9. Public Facilities

For some people, housing equipped with public facilities such as places of worship, swimming pools, playgrounds, and security is very important.

However, the price of a house equipped with public facilities is certainly different from the selling price of standard housing.

There are additional costs that will be charged every month as maintenance costs.

Buying a new home is now easier and more practical. You can even choose the location and model of the house through property service providers or even from advertisements circulating on social media.

But still, do not rush to choose a house without surveying or comparing it to other housing.

That’s 9 important things to consider before buying a new house.

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